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Volker Wolfram

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from the «hugware license»

All stuff on my pages is for free.

But I tell you this, man, I tell you this:

If you have fun and joy on this, then


some human being please! This could be anyone: passing by people, the waitress, the old man in your neighborhood. Especially lonely people can you give a heartfull of thanks.

Please ask them before.

This make our lives unconditional easier, give you no harm and you need for this a litte kick sometimes.

Try it! At home too!

You'll shure surprised how simple a friendly contact to other people can be!

The «hugware license» will be a good partner to you in opening doors and destroying missunderstandings. This is the basic gesture for peace and love.

I'll thank you if you respect this simple license and think you will win in any situation!